Your Leadership Breakthrough Specialist

I am a Leadership Breakthrough Specialist helping leaders and organisations to achieve the clarity they need to improve performance and drive even greater success.

Clarity is much more than simply knowing what you should be focusing on or understanding where you want to get to in your career.

We live in a world where there is a great deal of noise, many demands on our time and so many opportunities for people like you.

Even the most successful people can get bound up in ways of working or distracted from what’s most important. These are things that can, often unconsciously, hamper your ability to get to the next level.

My approach is focused on exploring your personal and professional values, understanding your aspiration, removing barriers and visualising the path to success.

Exceptional and sustained leadership comes from recognising and assessing our intent, the impact of our approach, and the steps to scaling the heights of our potential.

Your Success

My work is all about you. Your ambition. Your values. Your style. Your success.

I pride myself on being totally independent and non-judgemental. I am not here to impose a particular methodology or thought process; everything I do is tailored around you.

I am here to bring into consciousness the things that make you who you are and make you successful, but also those things which impact on your ability to be truly exceptional.

We can underestimate the importance of clarity. When you have clarity, you have the confidence of clear decision-making and the strength of truly knowing where you are heading.

I bring with me the professional expertise and personal insight to help you be truly exceptional:

  • Executive Coaching Certification from Cambridge University
  • Professional Image Coach Diploma from the London Image Institute & Association of Image Consultants International
  • MBA from the American University in London
  • Studied Psychology of Mind and Theory of Knowledge at Oxford University

In all, I am a highly experienced Leadership Breakthrough Specialist working with top leaders in the UK and Europe.

Client Need vs My Solution

Personal Branding:

Your career is at an uncharted-territory inflection point e.g. leadership progress, career change or professional positioning. The unmet need is a specialist to put together the strategy and bring the support you need to move to a higher level of achievement.

 I use my wide-ranging business experience and penetrating insight to guide clients through these transitions in a holistic approach, which examines impacts on the career, the individual’s role and their personal life.

Leadership Progress:

As the business shifts gear so must your leadership and management style as an entrepreneur or business leader.

You have taken your career this far but you need to step up to lead it to the next level.

My expertise in the field of personal development, combined with extensive knowledge of business practices, allows me to pinpoint areas and methodology for leadership progress. Through this I support clients “future-proof” themselves by working on the skills and foundation needed for the next phase of their development.

Cultural Alignment:

Your company is an extension of your self and its success is a reflection of your leadership progress. One of the greatest risks is loosing sight of and taking for granted the most valuable asset any company has: its people. When employees are happy, they thrive and the company thrives with them.

Survey* shows that happy employees’ efficiency raises by 12%, whilst unhappy employees efficiency declines by 10%.

Can you afford to ignore these findings?

* ….

I help generate deep, meaningful conversations about the purpose, priorities and strategy of the organisation and the well-being of all stakeholders. I also provide support to create a roadmap for achieving high performance, full-spectrum resilience and sustainability.

My tools and expertise gives you a detailed understanding of the personal motivations of employees, their experience within your organisation, and the direction the organisation should be heading.

My Journey

At the end of my 30’s, having reached the top of my career in my native Romania, I decided to move to London and build my future here. I’m an entrepreneur who’d rather be a small fish in a big pond, rather than a big fish in a small pond. In 2010 I arrived in London, ready to prove my worth and build my career here. Like most entrepreneurs, I only pay attention to the positives and seek the opportunities that take me to the next level. Roadblocks are to be overcome, pushed through or walked around.
I very quickly learnt that I needed to up my game to make it in London. After more studying and increased networking, I started getting the breakthroughs I needed and my business took off. It was a tough lesson, especially for my ego and my self-confidence! In a matter of days I went from Hero to Zero. In Romania I was the essential resource, supporting busy professionals and their businesses optimise their potential for success, a successful author of two best-selling books (the go to business ‘dress for success’ and ‘etiquette’ manuals for career women and businessmen) and the producer and host for 3 seasons (2009-2010) of a top ranking TV show dedicated to personal branding, professional image, personal development and career. And in 2010 I had to start all over again from zero in London.

Today I’m so happy in my work, but I continue to examine, explore and question myself – as much as I do my clients. That is what keeps me focused and clear about my future.

It wasn’t an easy journey! I learned a lot from it, but most of all, I learned how important it is to find the clarity you need to do something exceptional in life. I also understood that in order to love my life, I must love myself with the good and the not so good, during the ups and during the downs. I learnt that I am the only constant in my life and that everybody else is a passing bonus. I learnt that femininity and vulnerability are powerful attributes for a woman. I learned that I am enough, that I am worth it and I have the right to be successful and happy!

This is how it all started …

I was a young mother of two, married, developing my own business; prospects were great! I had the support of my parents and really there was not much more I could have asked for. But then my father became ill and in a little over eight months died; soon after, my marriage ended and I chose not to be part of the company that I founded.

My father dying of cancer, literally before my eyes, turned into a huge wake-up call for me! It was tough, but I had to move on in life! With two young children to bring up, I really had no time to feel sorry for myself, although that’s about the only thing I felt like doing … however, shortly after it became clear that there was no reason to feel sorry!

After graduating my MBA degree, my professional career started quite standard. I was hired as a junior consultant at one of the Big Four and my road seemed clear. At least it did to me On my first six months appraisal, I was told that although very good at what I did, I was too much of a disruptor in the office due to my very strong entrepreneurial behaviour, so I was asked to make a choice: change my behaviour to integrate and follow the company politics or leave the company. That was a bit unexpected, to say the least! But it was the impulse I needed to start my entrepreneurial career.

Having the luxury of starting with a blank canvas, I took the time to “scan” the market and identify the gaps, taking into account what I was good at and enjoyed doing. I started an interior design company followed by the establishment of a bespoke upholstered furniture manufacturing company. A long way from what I do today, but a great learning experience for what I do today.

There were a lot of challenges. But picking the biggest one, I would probably say it was managing the relationship with both the employees and the clients. The interaction was very different and my life experience wasn’t that extensive, so I learned by doing. People always fascinated me, since a young age I liked to observe people. But observing and interacting with people are two very, very different things.

Starting a business from scratch is not easy, but it’s fun and is the greatest experience one can gain. Even if the business doesn’t take off, it’s still a great learning experience. Luckily, both my interior design and then my sofa business took off pretty quickly. A great thing, but a very challenging one for a young and not very experienced entrepreneur. I remember thinking when I was let go from the consultancy company after 6 months that having my own business would give me the freedom to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it and however I wanted it … I was reminded of those thoughts several times when I was up at 5am, having slept only a couple of hours having to meet delivery dates, or on the 23rd of December when I did my kids Christmas shopping at a 24/7 Cash & Carry … but I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything else. I learned so much. I learned how people are not driven primarily by money, but by appreciation and kindness, I learned that patience and compassion solves any human problem, I learned that honesty and accountability take you a long way when you cannot meet a deadline and most of all I learned that success is a team effort. I also learned that thinking fast and out of the box is a key ingredient when faced with problems. You are responsible for finding solutions since it is your business and so you carry the responsibility.

I also learnt that sometimes you are faced with making very difficult decisions. One such time I had to choose having full custody of my children in exchange for the business. To be honest, today I wish I have handled things differently, but there is another big learning there: pride and ego make you take decisions that are not necessarily in your best interest. I learned to identify very fast vanity behaviours/decisions both in me and in my clients and pointing them out help put things in a different perspective.

My next career move, being jobless but responsible for the lives of two young children, took me into a very different direction. Thanks to my entrepreneurial nature, changing directions all together wasn’t at all unnatural, to the contrary! And so I started working as a stylist for magazines, which then led to being hired to restyle the news department of the second largest TV station in Romania. Oh, I loved that job! Not one day without a challenge My people skills improved dramatically and I learnt the power of disagreeing without saying “no”. I also learnt that ego is a dangerous animal that is tamed by empathy and complimenting with a smile. A very powerful lesson!

After successfully accomplishing the task I was given, I decided there was much more I wanted to and could do, so I certified myself as a professional image consultant, the first in my native country, and started working with national and international corporations and trained people on the power of professional appearance, behaviour and communication. If you think that was easy, think again! Telling people, especially East European Latinos that the way they dress, behave and communicate works against them is like walking into a lion’s cage covered in fresh meat! But hey, there’s no progress without a challenge, so I took my career to the next level and adapted all of my marketing knowledge to “market” a person and became a Personal Branding Expert, the very first one in Romania.

The rest is history now! It was a great journey, with ups and downs, with good and bad, filled with laughter and with tears, tears of joy and tears of sadness. But it was my journey and I wouldn’t change a thing ;)

Your Trust

My Passion

Member of the Board – Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Patron: HRH The Duke of York


Founded in 1946 by Sir Thomas Beecham, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) has enjoyed more than sixty-five years of success worldwide, giving first-class performances of a wide range of musical repertoire with artists of the highest calibre. Under the inspired leadership of Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Charles Dutoit, the Orchestra continues to flourish, maintaining and building on a demanding schedule of performances, tours, community and education work, and recordings.


RPO Resound is one of the most diverse community and education programmes in the UK. In 1993, the RPO was the first London Orchestra to establish a Community and Education Department. Since its inception, musicians from the Orchestra have delivered hundreds of pioneering projects, allowing the RPO to gain an unrivalled reputation for its work in many community settings. 2008 saw the rebranding of the department into RPO resound, but the work we do continues based on the same ideology

2011 – ongoing

CareActGive is my London-based charity that helps vulnerable teenagers break the cycle of violence in their lives. Through innovative grassroots projects, we help them build self-esteem, confidence and self-awareness. We aim to give them hope, helping them become strong young people and role models for their peers. We teach them to defend themselves, make their own choices and build new lives free from violence.

Project 112

Mihaela Berciu’s first project against domestic violence and abuse created a lot of PR buzz and visibility for a cause that had been the least concern for the Romanian authorities, although still having serious effects on the majority of the population. Mihaela Berciu’s work helped the Casa Blue shelter for abused women and children in Bucharest function for one more year, to the benefit of the victims of domestic violence and abuse.

Natural Born Beauties

The project theme was inspired by Dove’s campaign effort to present women’s natural beauty, instead of a digitized, Photoshopped image of women commonly used in advertising.

Mihaela Berciu’ s project received the support of some of the greatest and most accomplished Romania women: Nadia Comaneci, the perfect gymnast, Angela Gheorghiu, the world’s most famous soprano and over 30 other women celebrities.

It generated over 40,000 EUR in support of The Renaissance Foundation and its fight against breast and uterine cancer.

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Your Words

There is no better recommendation of what I do than the words of my clients.

I am on track – and on fire! “Extremely glad I had this day with Mihaela as she helped me understand that I wasn't personally aligned with where I thought I wanted to take my professional career. I was setting myself for failure! Now, I am on track – and on fire!”

D. Rosner – CEO Maria Grachvogel

‘‘Mihaela helps executives understand what their brand as a leader currently is – and what it could be – and then she helps them transition from what it is to its most potent potential.’’

David CM Carter – The Mentor

“Although almost everyone who surrounds me in business would agree that my career has been a total success so far, I have always had a nagging feeling that I was missing an extra 20% performance than I was achieving – but couldn't put my finger on what my intuition was telling me. During our session, Mihaela not only nailed the missing 20% but equally importantly, how to overcome it. Although a complete surprise, her "diagnosis" was spot on!”

A. Grabar - Serial Entrepreneur

“As a sole practitioner, I came to Mihaela with some key questions around my future business direction. We went through a rigorous, systematic in-depth analysis. I gained invaluable insights and together we created a detailed plan. She also offered really helpful advice and people to connect to. Mihaela was challenging, she engaged and she was able to flex herself. I left feeling energized, focused, excited and inspired.”

A. Ress – Founder PurpleBeach

“I’ve had numerous generic ‘big company’ trainings around motivation and leadership but nothing tailored specifically to help me evaluate how best to develop myself both in my role and within the organisation. Mihaela helped me understand and refine the options available to me. Based on an in-depth assessment we narrowed it down to a couple of very clear and exciting options. Working one-on-one, talking and having that feedback was such a treat. Very worthwhile. Same role, same company, but now totally refocused, on top of my game and energised”

K. Anev - Member of the Management Board, Secretary General ESM

“Mihaela has a sixth sense about people and how to get the best out of them and does it in a straightforward, no nonsense way that makes sense and gets results. I am delighted.”

Dennis Guise – Founder & President, HSL Assured Ltd.

“I have known Mihaela for many years and she never ceases to amaze me. She is committed to self-development and has tremendous passion for what she does. Mihaela is a great partner on the journey of becoming the best version of yourself!”

C. Schveninger – HR Director, Member of the Board – T-Mobile NL

“Mihaela is a very dedicated leadership development specialist, whose work is of excellent quality. She is engaging and dynamic and she has some great out-of-the-box ideas and ways of implementing these! Mihaela will make sure that you are very satisfied with the end result of her work. You will never regret using her services!”

H. Candido - Managing Director, Finnished Product Ltd.

"I’ve known Mihaela for many years and have worked with her on different personal and professional projects. She impressed me with her experience and skills from the first moment we met and shortly after beginning to work with her my results confirmed my first impression. She is able to motivate people into working efficiently, reaching high objectives with the teams and most of all she will inspire life-changing enthusiasm into your business! I gladly recommend her to all professionals, because she is a nice person to work with and very good and motivated professional!"

C. Vraciu - Senior Officer, Marfin Bank

"I had the pleasure to know Mihaela both professionally and personally. With an impeccable posture, charming, exquisite taste in clothing and true lady manners, Mihaela is the perfect image of her profession. I read her books from cover to cover and they have been truly inspirational. Mihaela's experience and techniques benefit professionals looking to improve the quality of their lives."

M. Mocanu - Managing Partner, Custura Mocanu & Associates

"I have had the opportunity to work with Mihaela Berciu twice. Both projects were finalized with great results and the feedback received from the company’s executives was truly positive. I am looking forward to working with Mihaela again and I strongly recommend her as a trustworthy professional."

A. Nuta - Identity & Communication Director, UniCredit Tiriac Bank

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