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I am a Leadership Breakthrough Specialist focused on:

Empowering you to review, revise and reveal your path to success.

Empowering you to understand how you can build your personal brand to increase your visibility, promote your work and be a ‘go-to’ leader of a more profitable and successful business.

Empowering you to align the values of your organisation with the values of your team, to improve performance at every level.

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Leadership Progress You decide your success and drive your progress.

Personal Branding Authenticity and clarity are the key to your success.

Cultural Alignment Align values in your organization to increase efficiency and profitability.


Leadership Progress

You decide your success and drive your progress.

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Personal Branding

Authenticity and clarity are the key to your success.

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Cultural Alignment

Align values in your organization to increase efficiency and profitability.

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Mihaela Berciu's client portfolio ranges from some of the most prestigious national to international business companies from various business fields: banking, financial consulting, pharmaceutical goods & services, FMCGs, training and coaching, retail, fashion industry, television and aviation services.

Your Leadership Progress

Great leaders have the wisdom to know that once they become a senior leader, it’s important to focus on their own continued leadership development and leadership capability. It’s what makes them become successful and stay successful.

There are three key stages to leadership development.

Stage 1: Learning to lead yourself

Learning to lead yourself is a journey, on which you need to continually assess your skills, purpose and achievements to ensure you become an exceptional leader.

Stage 2: Learning to lead others

When leading others our focus and attention shifts to building and motivating the team: selecting team members, setting expectations, and creating a climate of trust.

Stage 3: Learning to lead an organisation

The main difference between leading an organisation and leading others is the focus given to managing the values and culture of the organisation, building a clear vision, and a winning strategy, and influencing and inspiring the organisation and all its stakeholders to collaborate to succeed.

Your Leadership Progress Process

I will help you map out your path to becoming an exceptional leader. This will begin with a Discovery Day and then focus on the strategy and coaching to achieve the desired goals.

Leadership Breakthrough Discovery Day

The day is designed to uncover and understand what course corrections you may need to make to optimise your future. The focus is on your strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities for growth.

The process is based on powerful tools and exercises for generating greater self-awareness and understanding the actions you need to take to realise your potential, and remove potential barriers that may be hindering your development, decision-making and ability to deliver.

Leadership Progress Strategy

Leadership Progress Strategy positions the individual at the core of the learning process and is designed to support him/her achieve:

• Self Efficiency: bespoke training and coaching to consolidate your belief in your leadership capabilities to produce positive effects

• Visioning: Developing or enhancing your ability to formulate a clear image of the aspired future of an organization

• Affirmative Attitude: Attitude determines the altitude at which you, as a leader, perform

Personalised Individual Coaching Sessions

Based on the Leadership Development Strategy, a series of tailored coaching sessions may be recommended.

Team Coaching Sessions

Team integration and alignment plays a very important role in the leadership development process. A series of team coaching sessions will be designed and moderated in order to close the gap between desired culture and current culture of the organisation.

The Outcomes:

Clarity and Vision – on current and future leadership development goals
Motivation and Game Plan – to achieving personal and professional goals, reaching an even higher level of success
Feedback and Positioning – on the journey to becoming the best version of Self as a leader




“…now totally refocused, on top of my game and energized.”

‘‘I’ve had numerous generic ‘big company’ trainings around motivation and leadership but nothing tailored specifically to help me evaluate how best to develop myself both in my role and within the organisation. Mihaela helped me understand and refine the options available to me. Based on an in-depth assessment we narrowed it down to a couple of very clear and exciting options. Working one-on-one, talking and having that feedback was such a treat. Very worthwhile. Same role, same company, but now totally refocused, on top of my game and energised”
 K. AnevMember of the Management Board, Secretary General ESM


“She never ceases to amaze me…”

“I have known Mihaela for many years and she never ceases to amaze me. She is committed to self-development and has tremendous passion for what she does. Mihaela is a great partner on the journey of becoming the best version of yourself!”
 C. SchveningerHR Director, Member of the Board – T-Mobile NL


“She is engaging and dynamic…”

“Mihaela is a very dedicated leadership development specialist, whose work is of excellent quality. She is engaging and dynamic and she has some great out-of-the-box ideas and ways of implementing these! Mihaela will make sure that you are very satisfied with the end result of her work. You will never regret using her services!”
 H. CandidoManaging Director, Finnished Product Ltd.

Your Personal Brand

Personal branding gives you the opportunity to raise your profile in the right way and establish yourself as the go-to leader in your chosen field. No matter what you might have achieved to date, there are always things you can do to improve your reputation, directly or indirectly; to build even greater trust and loyalty; and to get people talking about you and following your lead in a positive way.

Personal Branding is as much about understanding who you are as about how you want to be seen. It goes to the heart of you as a person and as a professional; what you value, why you do what you do and how you want to grow in the future to be seen as a truly authentic leader.

Your Personal Branding Process

I help you build a Personal Brand that is true to you and what you want to achieve. So the process is key. It goes to the heart of who you are and how you will be valued as the expert in your field.

Define and formulate Your Personal Ambition

This phase involves defining and formulating your Personal Ambition and is based on your personal vision and mission and takes into account everything that makes you who you are. That means understanding what your goals are, what you stand for, what makes you special and what your values are.

Define and formulate Your Personal Brand

Here we define and formulate an authentic, clear, inspiring, and enduring Personal Brand promise. This will act as the foundation of future actions and behaviours. It brings together your objectives, specialty and attributes. It also includes your Unique Value Proposition, which constitutes the basis of your professional expectations/promise. The next step is to define your Personal Brand Story.

Formulate Your Personal Brand Strategy

Now we concentrate on developing an integrated and well-balanced action plan to help you reach your goals and eliminate any negative elements. The strategy translates your Ambition and Brand into manageable and measurable objectives, milestones and actions in a holistic and balanced way. You can start to manage and master your brand, to achieve your objectives, keep track of progress, record key brand information, build networks, quantify and report key accomplishments.

Implement and Cultivate Your Personal Brand

Communicating correctly is just as important in building your Personal Brand as it is to identify and formulate it. So the next step is to cultivate your message effectively. You have to articulate your Personal Brand with passion, be committed to change, and improve your perceived value in the marketplace. The communication strategy is built on all the channels available, depending on the nature of the message and the expected outcome.

The Outcomes:

Clarity and Vision – Understand what your Personal Brand currently is and what its potential is
Motivation and Game Plan – What you need to do will be clear to you and you’ll have created a game plan to achieve it – and be excited about achieving it
Feedback and Positioning – You will understand how others see you – and what they think you need to change to become the best version of you, so you can create enrolment and followership




“…potent potential…”

“Mihaela helps executives understand what their brand as a leader currently is – and what it could be – and then she helps them transition from what it is to its most potent potential.”
David CM CarterThe Mentor

“…the perfect image of her profession”

“I had the pleasure to know Mihaela both professionally and personally. With an impeccable posture, charming, exquisite taste in clothing and true lady manners, Mihaela is the perfect image of her profession. I read her books from cover to cover and they have been truly inspirational. Mihaela’s experience and techniques benefit professionals looking to improve the quality of their lives.” 
M. MocanuManaging Partner, Custura Mocanu & Associates

“…a sixth sense…”

“Mihaela has a sixth sense about people and how to get the best out of them and does it in a straightforward, no nonsense way that makes sense and gets results. I am delighted.” 
Dennis GuiseFounder & President, HSL Assured Ltd.

Your Cultural Values

Values are key to the performance of leaders, teams and organizations.

They are the foundation of the decisions we make. They define our behaviour. They can unify purpose, breed loyalty and help us grow and succeed. But often we don’t understand the importance of our own values or those of our people. Sometimes we are just not conscious of the role our values play in our own decisions and in the behaviour of others.

A Cultural Values Assessment gives you a detailed understanding of the personal motivations of employees, their experience within your organisation, and the direction the in which organisation should be heading.  

The Cultural Values Assessment can help to generate deep, meaningful conversations about the purpose, priorities and strategy of the organisation and the well-being of all stakeholders. It can also provide a roadmap for achieving high performance, full-spectrum resilience and sustainability.

Your Cultural Values Process

Imagine receiving a comprehensive diagnostic of the culture of your organisation by asking just three questions that take around 15 minutes to complete. This is the power of the Cultural Values Assessment (CVA), used by over 2,000 organisations. Here’s how it works.

Measuring Alignment & Dysfunction
The CVA measures the alignment between personal values and the current culture, as well as between the current cultural values and those desired by the employees. The assessment will tell us whether there is a degree of cultural entropy, and why. Ultimately high performing cultures display low levels of entropy and strong values alignment. 

Alignment Programme

Based on the results of the CVA, the feedback and by using complementary tools and techniques, together we will develop a new strategy. This is designed to provide both individuals and teams with the support they need to achieve the cultural alignment that will increase efficiency, performance, loyalty and satisfaction. This could include:

• Personalised Individual Coaching Sessions

A series of coaching sessions to help executives understand and deliver the cultural change.

• Team Coaching Sessions

Team coaching is designed to close the gap between desired culture and the current one.

The Outcomes:

Clarity and Vision – assessment of the alignment between company values and employees expectations
Motivation and Game Plan – clear picture of the company’s development plans
Feedback and Positioning – clear understanding of the areas that need improvement to deliver greater efficiency, performance and profitability.


“…a sixth sense…”

“Mihaela has a sixth sense about people and how to get the best out of them and does it in a straightforward, no nonsense way that makes sense and gets results. I am delighted.” 
Dennis GuiseFounder & President, HSL Assured Ltd.

“I strongly recommend her…”

“I have had the opportunity to work with Mihaela Berciu twice. Both projects were finalized with great results and the feedback received from the company’s executives was truly positive. I am looking forward to working with Mihaela again and I strongly recommend her as a trustworthy professional.”
A. Nuta – Identity & Communication Director, UniCredit Tiriac Bank

“I gladly recommend to all professionals…”

“I’ve known Mihaela for many years and have worked with her on different personal and professional projects. She impressed me with her experience and skills from the first moment we met and shortly after beginning to work with her my results confirmed my first impression. She is able to motivate people into working efficiently, reaching high objectives with the teams and most of all she will inspire life-changing enthusiasm into your business! I gladly recommend her to all professionals, because she is a nice person to work with and very good and motivated professional!”
 C. Vraciu – Senior Officer, Marfin Bank

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