Your Moment

There are moments in our lives when we understand the need to change ‘something’ to enable us to push our careers and lives further forward, but sometimes we are not sure what that ‘something’ is.

The Discovery Day is the moment when my clients start to clear away barriers and find out what they really need to do to take themselves and their organisations to the next level.

It is an intense and demanding day; but as so many of my clients say, it is ‘the best day’s work’ they have ever done.

For some, the Discovery Day may be all they need to realise where they want to get to, and how they need to get there.

Others are keen to continue working with me, either to define their leadership progress further or to understand the essence of their personal brand and how to use it successfully.

At the end of Your Leadership Breakthrough 1:1 Discovery Day you will have achieved:

Clarity and Vision

Where are you now? Where do you want to get to?

Motivation and Game Plan

What you need to do will be clear to you and you’ll have created a game plan to achieve it 
– and be excited about achieving it.

Feedback and Positioning

You will understand how others see you – and what they think you need to change to become 
the best version of you, so you can create enrolment and followership.

Time Investment:

Preparatory Work: LVA (Leadership Values assessment 360), Goals Poster (Vision), Other tools (Analysis)*

One-on-One with Mihaela/me
9am – 1pm: LVA Feedback + Goals Poster Analysis
1pm – 2pm: Johari Window Plotting
2pm – 4pm: SWOT Analysis + Alignment Exercises.
4pm – 5pm: Conclusions, Recommendations, and Action Plan

Financial Investment

£2,500 + £500 (LVA) + vat

*Leadership Values Assessment Analysis, Goals Poster, SWOT Analysis and
Alignment Exercises are power-tools for increasing self-awareness, driving
personal transformation, and defining the actions required to realise full potential.
Emphasis is placed on strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities for growth.


I left feeling energized, focused, excited and inspired.”

As a sole practitioner, I came to Mihaela with some key questions around my future business direction. We went through a rigorous, systematic in-depth analysis. I gained invaluable insights and together we created a detailed plan. She also offered really helpful advice and people to connect to. Mihaela was challenging, she engaged and she was able to flex herself. I left feeling energized, focused, excited and inspired.”  
A. RessFounder PurpleBeach

Although a complete surprise, her ‘diagnosis’ was spot on.”

Although almost everyone who surrounds me in business would agree that my career has been a total success so far, I have always had a nagging feeling that I was missing an extra 20% performance than I was achieving – but couldn’t put my finger on what my intuition was telling me. During our session, Mihaela not only nailed the missing 20% but equally importantly, how to overcome it. Although a complete surprise, her “diagnosis” was spot on!”
A. GrabarSerial Entrepreneur

I am on track – and on fire!”

Extremely glad I had this day with Mihaela as she helped me understand that I wasn’t personally aligned with where I thought I wanted to take my professional career. I was setting myself for failure! Now, I am on track – and on fire!”
D. RosnerCEO Maria Grachvogel

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