What is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is the process of transforming your professional self (and all the assets you possess: personal image, expertise, experience and knowledge) into a recognized, valuable member of your industry or business field. At certain times we all have elements to support development of our Personal Brand, but unless we take charge and invest in our Personal Brand we limit tremendously our chances to succeed in business.

What can a Personal Branding specialist do for me?

A Personal Branding specialist is able to help you properly define your personal brand positioning and assist you in creating the appropriate image in order to successfully communicate your personal brand.

A Personal Branding specialist will also advise you on the messages you’d like to communicate, and work together with you on designing, implementing and monitoring a strategic Plan of Action successfully to convey your Personal Brand to your desired audience. This can cover media, online media and personal PR to raise your brand profile.

Why do I need a coach? What does a Professional Coach do?

The role of the professional coach is to assist the individual in finding the good path on his or her life or career map by building awareness, recognizing responsibility and strengthening self-confidence.
The way of assisting is by asking the appropriate questions, the answers to which help clarify the individual’s path. Part of the professional coach’s role is further to assist the individual in identifying the proper steps for reaching the desired ‘destination’ and devising a sustainable Action Plan.
The coach is further involved in supporting the individual in implementing/applying the devised Action Plan, until the individual’s true and full potential is unlocked and success achieved.

How many Professional Coaching sessions do I need to succeed?

This totally depends on you and your level of commitment, since the journey is yours. My role as a professional coach is to assist you in keeping on the correct path and support you by asking the appropriate questions to which finding the answers within will help you determine the path to your future success.

Why is Professional Image important for my business’ success?

Businesses invest hard in their corporate images, but tend to overlook paying attention to the most important asset the business has: its employees!
The employees’ Professional Images are the mirrors of a business’s image, since it is those employees with whom the clients meet and interact. If the employees do not reach a customer’s expectation (and remember, it takes just 2 seconds to form a first impression!), then it is the business that suffers most, since one lost customer can account for lost potential revenues and most importantly lost referrals towards other potential clients.

Is Personal Branding for me?

Personal Branding is a process suitable for all professionals from all walks of business, who aim to become recognized for their qualities, abilities, professional image and professional experience and are willing to become known as specialists in their field of business or industry, regardless of whether they are entrepreneurs or employed by a company.

What is Coaching?

Coaching has a multitude of definitions, but the most important aspect to keep in mind is that professional coaching is the route any professional individual has to travel in order to discover the appropriate ways best to achieve his or her greatest potential in all aspects of business or life, a potential hidden most of the time behind self-imposed limitations.

How do I know whether I need Professional Coaching or not?

If statements like: “One day I will be able to travel”, “If only I could get my promotion”, “I wish I could buy a nice house” or “I would love to be able to travel the world” are part of your constant vocabulary, it means you are not living your personal and professional life at its fullest potential, although you could.
Therefore it’s to your advantage to contact a professional coach to support you in understanding the obstacles and lifting the barriers stopping you from living your dreams and reaching your full potential.

How can Professional Coaching advice help my team perform better?

For teams to perform best it is most important to perceive each other as co-players and not competition. In today’s competitive world this is quite difficult to achieve. Through coaching techniques each team member learns to acknowledge the importance of the team’s success before the individual success.
Another benefit of professional coaching is that team members develop the skill of accepting responsibility not only for their own actions, but for those of the team as an entity. Together, with support from a professional coach, your team members can work hard at fixing the team’s issues instead of taking advantage of these issues for personal gain.

What happens during my Free Session?

Whether you chose to work with us on developing your Personal Brand, enhancing your team’s Professional Image or to work with me as a personal or Professional Coach the first Session is always FREE.
It is designed for us to meet, get to know each other and evaluate your needs and status. During this session we also draw a sketch plan of the objectives you’d like to achieve and even establish deadlines, should you feel comfortable to do so.
It is a session meant to help you and we determine the level of your commitment towards overcoming your barriers, whatever they may be, and achieving your personal and professional goals.


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