I am Mihaela Berciu,Your Leadership Breakthrough Specialist. I work with senior executives and entrepreneurs to help them improve their performance and excel in their chosen fields. Hear from leaders I have worked with. Discover more about how I work. Explore what I will help you achieve.

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Leadership Progress

You decide your success and drive your progress.

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Personal Branding

Authenticity and clarity are the key to your success.

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Cultural Alignment

Align values in your organization to increase efficiency and profitability.

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Why work with me


Excellent Business Credentials – I understand the power of great leadership, having over 17 years of work experience. During the last 7 years I have focused on helping leaders and organisations achieve the clarity they need to improve performance and drive even greater success. My client portfolio ranges from some of the most prestigious national to international business companies from a variety of business verticals.

Selective – I choose my clients carefully. They all are successful professionals who understand that they can reach further and are open to put in the work to do so. My clients are continuous learners who are confident enough to understand and accept that there is a better version of their self, waiting to be revealed.

Essential Excellence – I am able to relate to my clients in a deeply personalised way. My guidance and advice are of the highest quality, delivered with charm, clarity, high-production-values and flair.
I am generous with my knowledge, know-how and network.


"I have had the opportunity to work with Mihaela Berciu twice. Both projects were finalized with great results and the feedback received from the company’s executives was truly positive. I am looking forward to working with Mihaela again and I strongly recommend her as a trustworthy professional."
A. Nuta - Identity & Communication Director, UniCredit Tiriac Bank
"I had the pleasure to know Mihaela both professionally and personally. With an impeccable posture, charming, exquisite taste in clothing and true lady manners, Mihaela is the perfect image of her profession. I read her books from cover to cover and they have been truly inspirational. Mihaela's experience and techniques...
M. Mocanu - Managing Partner, Custura Mocanu & Associates
"I’ve known Mihaela for many years and have worked with her on different personal and professional projects. She impressed me with her experience and skills from the first moment we met and shortly after beginning to work with her my results confirmed my first impression. She is able to motivate...
C. Vraciu - Senior Officer, Marfin Bank
“Mihaela is a very dedicated leadership development specialist, whose work is of excellent quality. She is engaging and dynamic and she has some great out-of-the-box ideas and ways of implementing these! Mihaela will make sure that you are very satisfied with the end result of her work. You will never...
H. Candido - Managing Director, Finnished Product Ltd.
“I have known Mihaela for many years and she never ceases to amaze me. She is committed to self-development and has tremendous passion for what she does. Mihaela is a great partner on the journey of becoming the best version of yourself!”
C. Schveninger – HR Director, Member of the Board – T-Mobile NL
“Mihaela has a sixth sense about people and how to get the best out of them and does it in a straightforward, no nonsense way that makes sense and gets results. I am delighted.”
Dennis Guise – Founder & President, HSL Assured Ltd.
“I’ve had numerous generic ‘big company’ trainings around motivation and leadership but nothing tailored specifically to help me evaluate how best to develop myself both in my role and within the organisation. Mihaela helped me understand and refine the options available to me. Based on an in-depth assessment we narrowed...
K. Anev - Member of the Management Board, Secretary General ESM
“As a sole practitioner, I came to Mihaela with some key questions around my future business direction. We went through a rigorous, systematic in-depth analysis. I gained invaluable insights and together we created a detailed plan. She also offered really helpful advice and people to connect to. Mihaela was challenging, she...
A. Ress – Founder PurpleBeach
“Although almost everyone who surrounds me in business would agree that my career has been a total success so far, I have always had a nagging feeling that I was missing an extra 20% performance than I was achieving – but couldn't put my finger on what my intuition was...
A. Grabar - Serial Entrepreneur
‘‘Mihaela helps executives understand what their brand as a leader currently is – and what it could be – and then she helps them transition from what it is to its most potent potential.’’
David CM Carter – The Mentor
I am on track – and on fire! “Extremely glad I had this day with Mihaela as she helped me understand that I wasn't personally aligned with where I thought I wanted to take my professional career. I was setting myself for failure! Now, I am on track – and on fire!”
D. Rosner – CEO Maria Grachvogel
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