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Awareness – that Yellow Brick Road to Success!

You have probably heard one too many times that in order to be successful you have to be aware of those around you, of the opportunities they bring with them and the extent of risk you are willing to take. Have you ever asked yourself what being aware is all about and what the real impact of awareness is in your life and your career success? Furthermore, have you ever asked yourself whether you are truly aware or just believe that you are?

Awareness is what keeps us anchored in the present, in touch with where we are at a certain moment in time; it helps us understand why we find ourselves in a certain situation. Is it easy to be aware? Most probably not! Being aware means taking full responsibility for our own feelings, for the choices we make and for our behaviour. In a world in which expressions such as “It was bound to happen”, “It was meant to happen” or “It just happened”, with no clear intent to finding either the reason or the cause of an unhappy event occurring, awareness becomes very difficult to deal with.

Accepting the responsibility for an action leads to accepting its outcome.

Unless the outcome of an action is, at least, satisfactory, the tendency is to shift the responsibility onto a third party and place the blame with them for the personal failure. In the case of it being difficult to find a third party to blame, there is always faith at hand: “It was meant to happen”. Looking back at your last few months, how many times did you blame those around you, the world, or God for your supposed failure? How many times did you say:”Whatever happened is my fault and I have to deal with the consequences?”

 If you fall into the first category rather than the latter, then you should carefully read the rest of this article and decide whether you want to change your life path towards a better, more successful one or … keep on getting what you are getting by keeping on doing what you’re doing …

 I dare say that it takes a lot of courage and strength to be aware, since awareness implies responsibility, acceptance and change. Responsibility means acknowledging that the events that shape our life do not just happen, but rather we allow them to happen, if not actually sometimes we even driving them to happen.

With responsibility feelings of weakness might also need to be accepted. For example, not being able to stand up for yourself and say “No” in a certain situation, might have led to an unhappy outcome, hence the feeling of weakness in the face of a stronger character. Please do keep in mind that even though we are not personally or directly responsible for the situations in which we find ourselves, we are still responsible for the sense we give our lives, as it is we who choose both the attitude we have towards life and our behaviour in such situations.

For example: you are on your way to a very important meeting and it starts raining heavily. You get completely soaked by the time you manage to reach your destination or find a cab. Your first impression is ruined, your self-confidence blasted, opportunity missed. What’s your reaction? Do you blame the rain coming out of nowhere and destroying your chances? Do you feel the whole world is against you? Do you feel cursed or do you accept the fact that you did not check the weather report, did not know it might rain and hence did not take the umbrella? The difference is in the level of awareness you have relating to the circumstances of your life, which leads to the degree of responsibility you are willing to accept and is directly reflected in the amount of success you will reach.

Acceptance is also an important step in being aware. Accepting the present as it is in order to be able to make the necessary changes to reach your best potential is mandatory in the awareness process.

Acceptance empowers you to take hold of the issues, deal with them, find a solution and move on without the burden of the unresolved past events. Going back to the rain example, accepting the fact that you failed to prepare properly for the meeting, checking the weather being an important preparatory step, would mean that you are aware of the fact that the negative outcome of the meeting is your responsibility. The positive outcome would be that in future you will prepare better and diminish the chances of a negative outcome.

Change is probably the most difficult step in the awareness process because change not only brings the future into the equation, but also brings with it what the unknown future holds and for most of us there must be very few things in life scarier than the unknown.

Most of the time, without being aware, we are comfortable doing things that are detrimental to us, but we fail to realize the truth and accept the fact that we are at the forefront of our failings. Acknowledging and accepting that we’ve been in the wrong all along, taking responsibility for the fact that we were wrong, leads to consciously wanting the change, hence taking charge of it and making it happen.

Being responsible for our actions, accepting our weaknesses and mistakes, and embracing change are necessary steps into becoming aware of self and being ready to progress. Take these journeys of self-discovery through coaching and understand what issues you need to address to reach your best potential.

Are you ready to embrace change and enjoy your new successful life? If the answer is YES you can always find more information here about how you can get support for going the whole distance on that Yellow Brick Road to Success!

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