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Before It’s Too Late …

We read every day about the rising number of young people in unemployment and too little effort seems to be put into helping them change this situation and actually have a chance to be integrated in the job market. In times as stressful as the ones we are living young people are sure victims. They stand little chances to be employed due to the lack of experience, experience that of course they cannot gain since there are no jobs available, and they are the first to become unemployed, as most probably they were amongst the last to have been employed. A difficult trap for them to surpass since their only fault is their young age.

Where does that leave them? What are their choices? Given the benefits they can get, most probably some will go on to claim them, others might decide to have children, so that they are eligible for more benefits, others will turn to worst options like stealing or you name it. And who can blame them? They are desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures.

In a time like this I dare say that charities should turn their attention to their own people. Yes, the help some of the large charities offer to the less fortunate abroad is absolutely to be appreciated, but more and more young people suffer poverty at home and this fact should not be ignored. Huge amounts of good can be done by helping these young people further develop their skills and build some experience so that in the near future the number of unemployed young people can drop dramatically. We should all keep in mind that these young people are the generations that will carry the burden in the next decades of filling the government budgets so that we will be able to receive a decent pension and live as much of a decent retired life as possible. They will be the ones running economies, governments and all decisions will lay with them. If they build resentment and anger, and will hold us responsible, than how much do you think they will actually care about us? How much interest do you think they will show to make sure we will receive our pensions on time and be treated with kindness and professionalism by the medical system? Unfortunately, the answer is hardly any, if any at all … they will give back whatever they received …

The solution lies with us and since it is obvious that businesses struggle seriously and do not hold answers for these young generations, charities can actually make a difference at home. The money they have can be used to teach young people new skills, to help them build their own businesses, could be used as loans for the ones in danger to lose their homes, could be used to support local businesses which employ young people and so much more. What these young people need and want is not hand-outs in the form of benefits, what they want and need is help to get a good start, to learn how to make their way in life, how to become successful. But they have hardly anyone to turn to.

As I said before, I really appreciate people helping the less fortunate abroad but these are times when our own should matter more. This being one more lesson we could teach the young: setting priorities right.

Since it is almost Christmas, please take the time to ask yourselves “what have I done to help the young generations?” and “what can I do?” … I am sure you will find the right answer for you and for them!

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