Cultural Alignment

Imagine receiving a comprehensive diagnostic of the culture of your organisation by asking just three questions that take around 15 minutes to complete. This is the power of the Cultural Values Assessment (CVA), used by over 2,000 organisations. Here’s how it works.

Measuring Alignment & Dysfunction

The CVA measures the alignment between personal values and the current culture, as well as between the current cultural values and those desired by the employees. The assessment will tell us whether there is a degree of cultural entropy, and why. Ultimately high performing cultures display low levels of entropy and strong values alignment.

Alignment Programme

Based on the results of the CVA, feedback and by using complementary tools and techniques, together we will develop a strategy. This is designed to provide both individuals and teams with the support they need to achieve the cultural alignment that will increase efficiency, performance, loyalty and satisfaction. This could include:

Personalised Individual Coaching Sessions

Series of coaching sessions to help executives understand and deliver the cultural change.

Team Coaching Sessions

Team coaching is designed to close the gap between desired culture and current one.

The outcomes:

Clarity and Vision – assessment of the alignment between company values and employee expectations
Motivation and Game Plan – clear picture of the company’s development plans
Feedback and Positioning – clear understanding of the areas that need improvement to deliver greater efficiency, performance and profitability.

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