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Dare to Dream

Each of us should start each day by asking ourselves one question:

“What is it that’s preventing me from reaching my dreams?”

One day at a time, one little thing solved after another, will get you where your dreams might take you …

Let’s try it together! I will guide you through the process.

What is it that you’d like most to achieve as soon as possible?
Is it a promotion? Start your own business? Go on a holiday? Buy a new house? If there are more, pick one. The one you long for most.

What is stopping you from reaching this dream?
Might it be that you are scared to attempt it? Can you not achieve it by yourself? Are finances an impediment?

How about you imagine you have already achieved it.
Describe it to yourself the way it feels, exactly. What does achieving it mean to you? How have the lives of you and those you love and cherish changed? Is it as you imagined it to be?

Now trace your step backwards from where you are to the moment in time where you started.

Think in retrospect of each and every step you made, without missing out any phase and accounting for the important people you met along the way and who helped you reach your dream. Write down each step and each person who made a difference in this process. Stop when you reach today!

Now that you have written down your plan of action, how about you start committing to successfully implementing it, until you reach your dream?

Yes, you might have to adjust it every now and then, as going backwards is always different to going forward, but the core plan is there and it’s achievable. You’ve already been there …

That’s what coaching is all about! Assisting you in Daring to Dream and committing to turn your Dreams into reality NOW, not later, not tomorrow, not maybe …

Tip of the Week
The value of what you receive is always reflected in the value of what you pay!
Mihaela Berciu


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