From Dreams to Goals in 9 Sure Steps

Every person on the planet has dreams of success, but very few of us know how to turn those Dreams into Goals and how to make the goals really happen!

Dreaming is easy! Dreaming is evasive, has no true clarity or a time line attached to it. “I wish to be happy”, “I wish to be rich”, “When I am rich I will travel the world” … sounds familiar? Or, bringing it into the business context: “I want to be promoted”, “When I become manager, I will buy a summer cottage”, “When my business starts making a profit, I will go on holiday to the Maldives” … déjà vu, isn’t it? Oh and the list can go on … but if you pay attention to the language used in such situations, you will realize that there is really no drive in them and that they apply to almost anybody. Furthermore, it can happen at any time from now to forever. How about making it a bit more personal? Put it into a time context and bring it into “now”?

How would you like to learn a sure way to turn your dreams into goals and your goals into reality? It might sound as easy as “a, b, c …”, however there’s an almost scientific method to it, if you want to make it count. The method I am posting this week is inspired by Neuro-Linguistic Programming and has a proven success guarantee, if applied correctly. And, as always with self-developing, practice makes better.

  1. State your goal into the positive, be specific and to the point! Start by asking yourself “What specifically do I want?” and I insist on “specifically”; keeping in mind where you are now. This is, in fact, your starting point.
  2. Be clear on the outcome. Close your eyes and picture what you will see, hear, feel, smell, etc., when you have achieved your goal. Live it in your mind as if it is happening now. Make it real and exciting and most of all make sure you see yourself in the picture.
  3. Anchor an evidence of success. How will you know you’ve achieved it? When will be the moment you know you have achieved your goal? Phrase it as such: “I am sitting in my new home …” or “I am sitting on the beach in …”
  4. Ask yourself: Is it compatibly appropriate with me? Meaning, after you have achieved your goal what will it allow you to do that you cannot do now and what is the added value the achieved goal brings to you.
  5. Your goal is yours! Yes, others might benefit from it, but the only person making it happen is you. “I am sitting in my new home with my husband/wife and our children …” or “ I am sitting on the beach in … with my …”
  6. Make sure your goal is appropriately set in context. Where, when, how and with whom do you want it? Again, be very specific! Remember: you can never go into too much detail when writing your goal.
  7. Take into consideration the ‘ecology’ of your goal. Think of how it will influence your life and the lives of those around you, both positively and negatively. Ask yourself what won’t happen if you get it, what will happen if you don’t get it and what won’t happen if you don’t get it. A lot of questions, but answering them will actually help you look at your goal from all perspectives.
  8. Write your goal into the present tense and date it. Write your goal in the present tense as if you have already achieved it and include the two very important dates: the day when you would have achieved your goal and the date when you wrote your goal. By using the present tense, “today” is your date in the future, whilst the date when you wrote it becomes the past. More clearly, you are looking back to the past when you embarked on this journey.
  9. Make sure you give a correct time expectation for your goal to happen. When writing your goal take into account where you want to be at a specific moment in time, starting from where you are, what are your resources now and what do you need to achieve your goal. Then appreciate how much time you need, 1, 2, 3, 5 years for successfully achieving your goal. In assessing this time you could also think of whether you have done this before and whether you know anyone who has. Last, but not least, can you act as if you have achieved it and feel comfortable?

I will state this: Turning your dreams into your goal and your goal into reality starts by taking the right steps from the very beginning. You are most probably acquainted with the saying “Beware of what you wish for”, aren’t you? However, by following the correct steps you will have a well-defined goal and a clear path to start working on achieving that goal.

Just a few more things you have to remember when setting out on the mission to achieving your goal: know your first step, be flexible, be focused and trust yourself! You can definitely do it!

My tip: it could be a good time to practise writing your own personal goal correctly. In my next week’s article I will post a well-written goal for you to have as an example.

Tip of the Week
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