Hobbies – the Golden Ticket In

Hobbies are by definition activities which give us pleasure and for which we do our very best to find time and to fit into our busy schedules.
On a CV hobbies are important and are looked at to learn more about what type of person one is. For example, if all of your hobbies imply you doing them on your own, then you would probably be quite hard to be integrated in a team. People who’d rather do things on their own are most probably introverts and introverts tend to have a hard time actively being part of a team. They would rather take the back seat. They are valuable members of any company, don’t get me wrong, and they are priceless at doing research and doing all sorts of jobs, but they are definitely not the best as part of selling teams or customer relations departments.

But hobbies can be turned into the golden ticket when unemployed. Having the extra time at hand, it is a good time to pay more attention to your hobbies and put them to work to your benefit.

Interacting with people through your hobbies definitely puts you at an advantage as you are communicating with people who have similar interests and will more likely be paying attention to what you have to say. Don’t get me wrong, though! Harassing people who have the same interests as you do, to offer you a job is not the solution. But interacting with them might prove to be the chance you needed.

Being unemployed is also a good time to learn a different language and speaking more than one language is always an extra point on your CV. The more in demand that language is, the more chances you have to finding employment.

Should reading be your hobby, why not give writing a chance! You have the extra time at hand, why not put it to good use. Writing a couple of hours a day will keep you busy, will give you a sense of accomplishment and you might actually have the chance to be published. You’ll never know unless you try it! And if you are worried about how to do it, there are plenty of tutorials and free sessions at libraries to guide you. Just build the courage to do it.
If you are not comfortable to throw yourself into writing a book, start by writing a blog. WordPress can be configured free of charge and you can advertise it free of costs through social media. You could even write a dairy of what it means to be unemployed, the challenges you are facing, the way you are dealing with them and the solutions you are finding. Such a diary turned into a book would be a best seller with the high number of unemployed people. And can be quite inspirational for those going through the same situation you are experiencing. Not to mention that an interesting blog can attract publicity and actually make you money.
One tip for those contemplating writing a book: Kindle gives for free the technology of turning a manuscript into an e-book and it also gives you a selling channel.

If you are into sports, join a team! I see plenty of people playing in the park football, cricket, American football, rugby and all sorts of other team sports. Join them and who knows what hidden opportunities you might find and you also exercise at the same time. Not to mention that you have a lot of fun whilst doing it.

Should helping people be your hobby, why don’t you actively join a charity as volunteer? Charities are welcoming any free help and it gives you the opportunity to be useful and present your skills to different people who might appreciate your work so much and offer you a job.

It is scientifically proven that depression is the worst enemy in evolving as a human being. Depression settles in very easily and quietly, especially during times of stress like job loss. But it is up to you how you deal with such a situation: you either give up and embrace the “victim” status or you fight it and look at such a time as a challenge and a time of learning your strengths. My advice: life is worth fighting for, so don’t let anything put you down!

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