Intrapreneurship – is it trending as the World’s Most Desirable Career?

Intrapreneurship – is it trending as the World’s Most Desirable Career?

Nowadays more and more people talk about Intrapreneurshipand how it brings the best of both worlds for professionals: being employed, yet being able to react like an entrepreneur. It does sound like the dream job, doesn’t it?

Absolutely! It does and it seems to be the right answer for corporations as well, especially when having to adapt and grow in uncertain times like those we have been going through for the last few years.

An Intrapreneur is an employee who is innovative, takes calculated risks and enjoys both the hard work and the thrill of being a pioneer. In other words, it is like building your own business with the backup of or within another company, usually a larger one. The trade off? You don’t get to keep the profits. But then again, you don’t risk your money either, not to mention that you make money along the way since you get your monthly salary and your yearly bonuses.

Yes, you may not be known as the Entrepreneur who successfully launched a new product or came up with a brilliant new service, but you do get successfully to give life to your ideas, being backed up by the resources of the company, both material and human, and you also get access to an already established market awaiting your newly launched product or services. How many entrepreneurs have such a chance, especially as a start-up? Very, very few, if any!

Possibly, this is the dream career for most mortals who although they would love to be entrepreneurs, do not have the courage to bite the bullet just as yet.

What’s in it for the companies? A whole lot! People drive companies: on one side the employees and on the other side: the consumers. Good, dedicated employees will bring in and retain good, loyal consumers. But again, today’s economical situation puts a lot of pressure on keeping both the employees and the consumers happy, since costs have to be kept down, so that prices are affordable, sales have to be growing and the consumer has to be spoiled to keep their loyalty to the company. All of this pressure is on the employees of course. In times like these, for a company to survive, it has to bring in innovation and flexibility,courage, proper understanding of calculated risk and dedication.

Do these attributes sound familiar? Of course they do! They are the attributes of a good, prosperous entrepreneur. But how do you integrate an entrepreneur-like mentality in a top-down management style large corporation? By empowering those employees who have the attributes of an entrepreneur to take charge. Is that easy to do? Well, it’s probably easier said than done, especially for those managers who are “control freaks” and believe that it is “their way or the highway.” And there are quite a few out there! They will definitely feel threatened by this new breed of intrapreneurs, especially since intrapreneurs have a voice and, in order to be successful, they have to make their voice heard. A voice the companies should listen to in order to stay in the game and be successful.

Intrapreneurs, just like Entrepreneurs, understand the evolving needs and wants of consumers before everybody else does. They have the understanding and the power to pick up trends when they are just emerging, but they also have the instinct to translate and adapt these trends into solid and successful products or services. Furthermore, they stay ahead of the game and manage to innovate constantly. When in an environment of growth and having all necessary resources to back them up, the sky is the limit for such individuals and the companies promoting them.

Yes, they might be stubborn, they might even get annoyed that others fail to see their vision and its potential, but they don’t give up easily. They fight for their ideas and they simply love the challenge of making things happen … their way, of course!

Need I say more of how a company benefits from transforming those employees with entrepreneurial skills and dreams into Intrapreneurs? Merging dreams and success is inevitable!

Soon to come: my post about how to brand yourself as an Intrapreneur and profit from the opportunity to become one within your company!

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