Leadership Progress

I will help you map out your path to becoming the exceptional leader you can be. This will begin with a Discovery Day and then be focused around strategy and coaching relevant to you and your needs.

Leadership Breakthrough Discovery Day

We begin with a Leadership Values Assessment (LVA), which is a powerful tool for promoting self-awareness and understanding the actions you need to take to realise your potential, and remove barriers that may be hindering your development or decision-making.

Leadership Development Strategy

The Leadership Development Strategy shows you how your leadership style is perceived by others and allows you to compare this to your own view. Assessors will identify the 10 values or behaviours they believe will help the leader to develop.

Personalised Individual Coaching Sessions

Based on the Leadership Development Strategy, a series of coaching sessions will be recommended. These sessions vary depending on your individual needs and style.

Team Coaching Sessions

Team integration and alignment plays a very important role in the leadership development process. A series of team coaching sessions will be designed and moderated in order to close the gap between desired culture and current culture of the organisation.

The outcomes:

Clarity and Vision – on current and future career developments
Motivation and Game Plan – to achieving personal and professional goals, reaching an even higher rate of success
Feedback and Positioning – on the journey to becoming the best version of self as a leader

Tip of the Week
The value of what you receive is always reflected in the value of what you pay!
Mihaela Berciu


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