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Out with the old, in with the new!

Out with the old, in with the new! You’ve had enough of it all, haven’t you? Well, if that’s what you’d like to do, then here is a quick checklist for you to go through before taking the first step towards new horizons:

o Thoroughly done all the thinking and I DEFINITELY do not want to do my actual job anymore
o It is not the company, it is the job I want to change
o There are no real options for me to keep me in my existing career
o Opening my own business as a consultant doing the same job is not an option for me
o I have identified what career I want to embrace next
o I know the most important steps I need to take in order to be successful
o I have outlined a plan and I have connections who can help me
o I can support myself/my family for the time needed to establish myself in the new career
o I am aware of the risks involved in taking this step
o It is DEFINITELY worth taking this risk
o I feel confident taking this risk

Take your time and tick the boxes…If you ticked most of the above, hopefully all of them, but especially the last three, then what are you waiting for!?

Radical career changes might come across as a mid-life crisis. For some it is, for some is not. What is most important is to do your homework before committing to such a drastic step, especially if it might affect the ones around you as well. One way to double-check that you have done your homework right: I recommend you carefully go through the checklist I provided. Make no mistake: having doubts is a natural state! The nature of the doubts is what makes the difference. If the doubts are whether you’ll be successful or not, than those I natural to have, but should not keep you from going ahead. If the doubts are more related to whether you’ll survive the change, then you might want to reconsider it.

The one mistake most common to people who decide to make radical changes in their professional lives is that they don’t consult with anyone or if they do, they do it with people who are not appropriate to give advice. Simply seeking for advice is the wrong thing to do in such a situation. Clarity is what you should be looking for. And clarity you can find by working with a coach, who knows how to support you in finding your answers and make an informed decision based on what works for you, not for the ones around you. As human beings we have a strong subconscious tendency to give advice in order to prove ourselves how “smart” we are, a tendency just as strong as our willingness to take advice and place the blame of a potential fail with the person who advised us in the first place.

However, if there is an advice I would recommend you to take, the one and only one, the best advice anyone could give you, is to search for the answers within yourself and take control of both your actions and their results, since it is your life and the lives of those who are dear to you that are at stake here.

Changing career is a life changing experience. It is up to you to make sure the change is for the better!

Tip of the Week
The value of what you receive is always reflected in the value of what you pay!
Mihaela Berciu


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