Personal Branding

I want to help you build a Personal Brand that is true to you and what you want to achieve. So the process is key. It goes to the heart of who you are and how you can be valued as the expert in your field.

1. Define and formulate Your Personal Ambition

Leadership Breakthrough Discovery Day

This phase involves defining and formulating your Personal Ambition and is based on your personal vision and mission and takes into account everything that makes you who you are. That means understanding what your goals are, what you stand for, what makes you special and what are your values.

2. Define and formulate Your Personal Brand

Here we define and formulate an authentic, clear, inspiring, and enduring Personal Brand promise. This will act as the foundation of future actions and behaviors. It brings together your objectives, specialty and attributes. It also includes your Unique Value Proposition, which constitutes the basis of your professional expectations/promise. The next step is to define your Personal Brand Story.

3. Formulate Your Personal Balanced Strategy

Now we concentrate on developing an integrated and well-balanced action plan to help you reach your goals and eliminate any negative elements. The strategy translates your Ambition and Brand into manageable and measurable objectives, milestones and actions in a holistic and balanced way. You can start to manage and master your brand, to achieve your objectives, keep track of progress, record key brand information, build networks, quantify and report key accomplishments.

4. Implement and cultivate Your Personal Brand

Communicating correctly is just as important in building your Personal Brand as it is to identify and formulate it. So the next step is to cultivate your message effectively. You have to articulate your Personal Brand with passion, be committed to change, and improve your perceived value in the marketplace. The communication strategy is built on all the channels available, depending on the nature of the message and the expected outcome.

The Outcomes:

Clarity and Vision – Understand what your Personal Brand currently is what its potential is
Motivation and Game Plan – What you need to do will be clear to you and you’ll have created a game plan to achieve it – and be excited about achieving it
Feedback and Positioning – You will understand how others see you – and what they think you need to change to become the best version of you, so you can create enrolment and followership

Tip of the Week
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