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Work/Life Balance: Does it mean anything?

I was reading an article in the Huffington Post the other day called: ‘Three careers that don’t work for women with children’, (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/manoush-zomorodi/work-life-balance_b_1861183.html). It’s an interesting piece and it made me think about what work/life balance really means.

As a person with two teenage children, a busy career and driven personality, I can see that there are times when I don’t get the balance right. But is it sensible to say to other people: ‘Your work/life balance is all wrong’? How do we know what works for other people – only the individual can make changes, and only if they want or need to.

Often, I think we expect to be perfect, to have everything and to get it right all the time. We want fabulous, successful careers, healthy, constantly happy children, amazing relationships and lots of cash! But we’re human beings and perfection doesn’t go with the territory! I think work/life balance is more about what you and your family find comfortable, what works for you.

There will always be times in your life when you work more than you should, when you don’t put your family first. But as long as you understand your motivations, feel your responsibilities, care about the effects on those you love, talk to, listen and act on the feelings of others, then I think you’ll get the balance right.

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